April Goals

I am not the biggest enthusiast about setting high goals and creating perfect to-do lists. Such single points that need to be achieved... life is not as narrow as that. But still, I guess it's never a bad idea to imagine the future, to straighten out priorities and to organize tasks. The question I try... Continue Reading →

The True Materialist

We are a society of Materialists. A sentence most of us heard more often than once. Especially when you are living in the global north, there is a never ending pile of things one could need and want and buy and carry home in bags and receive in parcels. This lifestyle also shows in the... Continue Reading →

Watching Only Lovers Left Alive – Or: An Artistic Mindset

[MILD SPOILERS: About the Characters in the film and the set. Nothing about the plot (As if there is much plot in a Jarmusch film (which I truly appreciate))] This probably won’t be the last time I will write about the film “Only Lovers Left Alive” by Jim Jarmusch. It is my favourite movie and this is because, for me, it is a personal guide how I want to live and work as an artist...

Barbara Branches

In my family we follow the custom, that on December the 4th, we bring into our home a bouquet of Barbara Branches. These are branches cut off fruit-bearing trees like cherry trees or apple trees. It is one of my favourite traditions throughout the year and I want to tell you why...

From Stuff to Things

When Christoph first brought forward the proposal to sell a great part of our furniture, I was taken aback and refused this unimaginable thought. What should happen to all our stuff? In my head I saw a flat where everything is lying around on the naked floor. Stacks of T-shirts, books, clutter, in front of empty walls. But I love that he gave this impulse of change, like a rush of cold water hitting you unprepared and waking you up to the bones. I guess I really needed it in my life right now. Break up those old thoughts and those rusty brain clusters...

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