April Goals

I am not the biggest enthusiast about setting high goals and creating perfect to-do lists. Such single points that need to be achieved… life is not as narrow as that. But still, I guess it’s never a bad idea to imagine the future, to straighten out priorities and to organize tasks. The question I try to ask myself is: Who do I want to be at the beginning of May. I’m not talking about a major transformation or life changing times. It’s not even about self-improvement. I think about what version of me will make me genuinely happy.

Finishing the empirical chapter of my master thesis

Writing a master thesis is tiring and exhausting. There are so many periods were making me sit down is so hard. Still I’m doing it. Finishing the empirical part would mean making a big step towards completion, and with it,  freedom. Reaching this goal will include data work, hours looking through spreadsheets and creating diagrams and endless discussions of those. Bring it on, I’m ready.

At least one Outfit post per week

The revival of my love for sewing and designing and my new confidence in fashion mean a lot to me. Taking care of this blog is what makes me happy. Choosing an outfit, including self-sewn or vintage items is great fun, but also requires of me to leave my comfort zone and taking time for self-care.

Trying out the new skirt pattern I drew

I just drew a basic skirt patter fitted to my measurements. I want to try it out with cheap fabric to test and adapt it. I as well want to draw a basic top pattern.

Preparing for #MMMay18

I love the idea of concentration on one’s wardrobe and the self-made items in it. For me, being into slow and sustainable fashion, this is the perfect invitation to let my inspiration spill over. I will think about the goals I want to set for myself and write a post about them.

These goals are definitely reachable and contain fun but also effort. I will keep you updated how it is going.

What are your April goals? Write it into the comments or post the link to your own blog post!

Be Bold and Beautiful – Always

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