A Fashion Celebration of Spring

Back from my Easter visit at my parents and relatives place in the country I want to recap my Outfit choice for Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday has always been one of my favorite holidays. I still have memories of when I was very small, running through my Grandmother’s garden, searching for eggs and sweets. Presents on Easter Sunday were the best: A bike, outdoor games or garden tools, they always were ment for playing outside in the sun.


Easter Sunday marks the point when we can leave winter behind – for good. Even if there is still snow around, it doesn’t matter. Flowers start to bloom and the family gathers in the awaking garden, cherishing colorful dots of tulips and daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses.

This year Easter Sunday happened quite early, signs of spring were scarce. But I found patches of violets, glowing in contrast to their bed of grey grass. It felt like meeting again with an old friend, that was gone during the cold of winter. It’s bright color was screaming welcome, inviting me to fall into the celebration of coming alive of being and of beauty.


Looking back to one year ago, I know I have changed. I came alive, like those violets. I have learned self-love and self-worth. I started growing and being present in this world. And that’s what I wanted to show with my Outfit. A year ago I would have been unsure about the styling. Is it too much? Is it too elegant? Is it too colorful? But now I put the pieces together, and looking into the mirror I feel confident and amazing.





Yellow coat – Bought it second hand. Now it’s my favorite piece this season

Skirt – Designed and made by myself, satin, floral print, pleated

Black turtle neck shirt

White tights – I’m so much into them this season


I wanted to share this amazing feeling with you. I want to inspire everyone to match their outfits with their true self and show them with pride and confidence.

Be Bold and be Beautiful – Always


PS: What were your favorite items to wear out the Easter Weekend? What screams “spring” for you?



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