The Artist next to me

My social circle consists of many people that work and study with me. This means, we are all occupied with reading academic texts, chewing through spread sheet after spread sheet of dry data, and sitting in front of the computer, typing e-mails and filling out forms. I feel truly blessed to work with so many dedicated and smart people that soak up knowledge like sponges and understand complex correlations. We read our papers before classes and hand in our assignments in time; tasks are done when they need to be.

But listening to people carefully and observing them with true interest, I got to know another level of their lives. Often hidden with great effort, but bubbling strongly underneath the surface. A secret world of hopes and dreams, colorful and filled with their true selves. So many of the people I  know have an artistic hobby. There are singers, photographers, painters, musicians and writers.

So, this means, when I look around, I live next to all of these secret artists. They often do not talk about their “hobbies” and especially not about their far-off hopes of making a living out of their passion and having a career with it. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that those people strive away from their every-day occupations. We live up to what is expected of us by society. But sometimes that is not enough – even when we are good in what we do. The world out there is so beautiful and my friends are torn apart between following their inner calling, and the prospect of starving on the street.

I understand why someone wouldn’t talk of their dreams . They can be crushed so easily in our society. There just needs to be one person who ridicules our hopes and shows us the place we have to take in. Doing what you love with full dedication isn’t the most notable thing this times.

I would wish for all the people with their artistic aspirations and dreams to come together and open up about it. We are in desperate need of difference that is creative enough to change something. Not new Start-Up ideas that follow those old formulas and re-produce ideals, that limit us all. Not the 10.000th Instagram picture of a girl with curly hair and a Starbucks latte in her hand. I am talking of real passion and dedication to what one loves. I am talking about going new roads, breaking rules and being true to oneself. That means following one’s way even when no one is looking, or when the whole world is looking in dismay.

I know that bringing two lives together is not easy and this is not a call for throwing away your life and trying to get by with your garage band. I hope for myself that life isn’t that black and white as it is often shown to us. That there are ways in between and that there will be possibilities to merge my love for writing with my career path.



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